Next roster deadline is Monday night at midnight

Statheads Gameplay: Trades

Part of the fun on Statheads is the trading. Evaluating deals, finding just that right combination of players to acquire to solidify a team, giving up promising keeper players for the high-priced all-star who will put you into the playoffs -- it's the stuff General Managers live for. Statheads owners may trade players with any team in their league, regardless of division. Negotiations can be conducted in any manner, but compensation must be limited to players on rosters only (players for cash or other considerations are forbidden).

Once a deal has been consummated it will be posted on the league home page. At that point players have officially changed teams, but they will not appear on their new rosters until the team owner assigns to to a roster spot for an upcoming match. Trades are final unless there is mutual agreed to rescind a deal, which also requires the league admin's approval.

Traded players will be listed on the team's Active List until they are assigned to a roster spot. Players may only remain on the AL for two consecutive roster deadlines (7-14 days, depending on the date the trade is completed). If a player remains on the AL past the allowed time he will be dropped into the free agent pool and is free to be claimed by any team.

No trade is completed until one team proposes the trade via the on-line trade page, and the second team accepts the trade offer. Pending trades (where the trade offer has been made but not accepted) may be cancelled. No trade offer is binding if cancelled before it is accepted.

The league admin reserves the right to review trades to maintain the integrity of competition in the league. A player can request the admin review a trade, but he must justify his reasoning and the admin reserves the right to deny the review; this rule exists to protect the integrity of the gameplay. The league admin may also veto a trade outrright it is compromises the fair play in the league.

Trades may only be challenged within 24 hours or they stand as posted. Owners who have a question about a potential trade may request a review by the admin before submitting a trade offer.