Next roster deadline is Monday night at midnight

Statheads Gameplay: Roster Management

Changes to team rosters can be submitted online using your team's Edit Roster web page at any time but do not go into effect until 12:01 AM of the roster's match day. Owners may change their rosters as many times as they want during a week, but must remember that all of the qualification rules apply for each match day.

Changes can include lineup moves (benching and promoting), trades, releasing players, claiming free agents, changing pitching rotation, adjusting the relievers' priority order, or reserving hurt or demoted players.

Roster management for two-way players has been provided through the Active List. Two-way players may be moved to the AL before being assigned to another roster position (allowing the owner to shift a batter or pitcher without resorting to drops and claims). Players who are on the AL affect claims, so two-way players can't be stashed on the AL indefinitely without limiting the owner's ability to pick up free agents.

We strongly encourage that rosters be maintained at 25, and always with the designated position requirements. In the case of multiple-player trades, teams with more than 25 players (not including the Reserved List) must reduce their rosters to 25. Players who remain on a team's Active List for two consecutive roster deadlines will be automatically dropped. Teams with fewer than 25 players are strongly encouraged to fill their rosters.

Pitching Rotation Management
Owners are free to reorganize their starting pitcher's rotation order for any roster deadline. There are no restrictions on how pitchers can be reordered from match to match. Pitchers are used on their assigned start days, so the pitcher listed in the SP1 slot will be used on the day for the first SP, the pitcher in the SP2 slot on the day for the second SP, and so on. You can see which pitcher is assigned to which game day on your league's weekly game schedule (found in the right-hand column of the league home page). Note, however, that starting pitchers may only be used on their assigned day if they fulfill the "Rest Days" rule: the pitchers qualify to appear in a fantasy match only if they have had a minimum of two (2) calendar days of rest since their last fantasy match appearance. See Gameplay Substitutions for more information.