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Statheads Gameplay: The Draft

Each league determines how and when they will conduct their draft. Leagues can use any draft format they wish (dollar bidding, blind bid, round selection, etc.) and in any manner they wish (on-line chat room, in-person, via e-mail). The founding league devised the following format -- you are free to use as much or as little of it as you like.

Statheads Draft Format
Each season a draft is conducted using a standard sequential round-based draft. Draft order is determined by the final full-season finish of teams from the previous season, or by random assignment for teams in new leagues. The team with the worst record drafts first, and the team with the best full-season record drafts last. Ties between team records are resolved by their head-to-head record. If not applicable or still tied, then comparisons of the teams' performances against their league's winner are used, continuing down the standings until the tie is broken. The team with the worst winning percentage in this comparison drafts before the other team. A coin flip settles any remaining tie. If more than two teams are tied, follow this procedure until one team is eliminated from the tie, and then repeat the process until another is eliminated, and so on until all remaining ties are broken.

Leagues with Franchise Players (FP) will allow one provisional draft selection after the 4th and before the 5th round to teams with 1 FP (in a league that allows 2 FPs per team or a league that allows only 1 FP). This pick will count as an additional 5th round draft choice, not replace the team's actual 5th round selection. A second provisional pick after the 8th round and before the 9th round will be provided to teams with no FPs (in a league where at least one team has 2 franchise players). This pick will count as an additional 9th round selection. In all cases, these picks will take place in the established draft order.

New leagues will need to designate a league admin who will be responsible for recording the draft results and entering them into the game. Draft rosters must have qualified players at each position.