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Statheads Fantasy Baseball Gameplay

2022 edition
The basic concept of the Statheads Fantasy Baseball system is that on any given day, a player can have a good day and contribute to a win, or pull a tank job and help his team lose. To that end, the 3 home runs Albert Pujols gets in Tuesday's game will not still be around to help his team win Friday's game. Statheads Baseball generates a series of matches on days when all or most Major League teams are scheduled to play to simulate a real-time season of its own. When those days occur in real life, a check of the box scores for that day produces wins and losses in the league. Then the next matches are started with a 0-0 score, just like in the big leagues.

Each participating team has a roster of 25 players: two for each infield position (10), five outfielders, two designated hitters, five starting pitchers and three relievers.

Players must qualify at a position to be able to fill that position in your roster. A player qualifies at a position if he is projected to play that position. In addition, if a position player starts at a position 20 times in the previous season, or 10 times in the current season, he qualifies at that position as well. Every position player qualifies for the DH roster slots.

Pitcher qualifications are based on the wild idea that starters start and relievers relieve. A pitcher qualifies as a starter if "SP" is his primary position or if he starts 2 games in the current season. A pitcher qualifies as a reliever if "RP" is his primary position or he relieves in 2 games in the current season. Pitchers only earn points for your team when they are in a roster slot that matches their real life roles, regardless of where they qualify.