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Statheads Gameplay: Reserved List

Each team has a protected Reserved List (RL) to accommodate injury and demotions. To be placed on this list, the player must be on his MLB team's DL or demoted to the minors.

No more than three players are allowed on the RL; owners will have to accommodate further inactive players on their active roster or release the players into the free agent pool. Owners are not compelled to move a player who is qualified for the RL to the RL; however, the risk in not maintaining a full active roster is that a team may be short of available player scores or pitcher appearances when match results are calculated.

Owners are strongly urged to fill open positions for players moved to the RL. Roster spots left open will result in a negative scoring penalty if that spot is used as a score for a match. Roster openings created by Reserved List assignments may be filled via trade or by claiming current free agents or by activating another player from the RL.

Free agent claims that fill openings due to RL assignment do not require the 24-hour waiting period to clear. The roster changes will be applied to the next available roster day.

Owners are allowed to trade players on their RL if they find any takers.

Active players are not allowed on the Reserved List. Active players are moved automatically to the Active List. If an active player is left on the Active List for seven days without being assigned to a roster slot he will be automatically dropped to the free agent pool.