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Statheads Gameplay: Scoring System

Each manager designates a starter and bench player for each position on his roster. The outfield has 3 starters and 2 bench players, so those five players are ranked from 1-5, the first three starting, the next two on the bench -- #4 the first to go in if needed. The manager also ranks his starting pitchers 1-5, and his relievers 1-3.

In the Statheads scoring system, points are earned for the following daily game results:

Offensive players

plus 1 : Total Bases, Runs, RBIs, Walks, Hit by Pitch, Stolen Bases
minus 1: Caught Stealing, Errors
minus 2: Ground Into Double Play


plus 4 : Wins, Complete Games, Shut Outs
plus 3 : Saves
plus 2 : Each full Inning Pitched
plus 1 : Strike Outs
minus 1: Earned Runs, Walks, Wild Pitches, Balks
minus 2: Losses

For each Statheads Fantasy Baseball match, a team will score the combined points for its eight starting position players, one DH, one starting pitcher, and all relievers. The home team is awarded an additional home field advantage per their league's settings. This guarantees that there are no ties in the fantasy matches (because there are no ties in baseball.)

A player's score is counted only if he makes at least two plate appearances (At Bats + Walks + Sacrifices). For the 16-team deep leagues this restriction does not apply. There is no minimum number of innings for pitchers, so if their names are in the box score, their results are counted for that day.

A pitcher's MLB appearance is eligible to use if he was either (1) on the current team's active roster when the start was made; (2) on another team's active roster when the start was made; or (3) successfully awarded in a claim to a team in the league when the start was made. Starts made on or before the day a player is claimed are not eligible unless they meet one of the conditions above. Note that apparances made on the same day that claims to fill open roster positions are processed are not eligible unless either (1) or (2) above is true. For example, if Josh Beckett is a free agent and not on a roster for the current week and is claimed on a Friday, only starts from Saturday forward are eligible to be used.

On days when a player participates in more than a single MLB game, the stats for those games will be combined and the total applied as his day's Statheads results. Statistics for games that are suspended are not official, and therefore are not available for the original match day or for the day the game is completed.