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Statheads Gameplay: Player Substitutions

If any designated starter does not play on a Statheads match day (less than 2 plate appearances, out due to injury, rain-outs, manager's decision), then there a bench player's score will be used in order to count nine total offensive values for the match. Should no bench players at the same position be available, then bench players from the other positions are called upon in a specific substitution order per position:

DH: OF, 1B, 3B, SS, 2B, C
OF: DH, 1B, 3B, SS, 2B, C
3B: 1B, OF, DH, SS, 2B, C
1B: 3B, DH, OF, 2B, SS, C
SS: 2B, C, 3B, OF, 1B, DH
2B: SS, C, 3B, OF, 1B, DH
C: SS, 2B, 1B, 3B, OF, DH

Remember that for the majority of league formats, a player's score is counted only if he makes at least two plate appearances (At Bats + Walks + Sacrifices) and there is no minimum innings needed for pitchers to be counted (just adherence to the "Rest Days" rule, below). Deep 16-team leagues can't afford to skip hitters with 1 AB, so those scores will be used in matches.

In the unlikely event less than nine position players qualify a score in a match, no additional scores will be considered towards that day's total.

For pitching scores, each manager orders his starting pitchers, setting a four-man rotation for Statheads game days. The #1 pitcher will gain points for the team on Statheads opening day, and then again the fifth match of the season, after nos. 2, 3 and 4 have had their days. The assigned starter for each day can be found on the league schedule like so:

SP1 icon  SP2 icon  SP3 icon  SP4 icon
These numbers correspond to the roster slots (for example, when the number 1 starter is scheduled to start, the SP1 pitcher is used).

The assigned starter for a match will earn the points he generates on that day if he pitches -- if he does not, then his most recent eligible unused outing is scored. Starts are eligible to be used on the day of the MLB player's start and for 14 days after, at which point the starts expire and can't be used in a match. Starting pitchers must meet the "Rest Days" rule requirement below to qualify to be used in a Statheads match on any given day.

On some Statheads game days, no qualified unused outing will be in the designated starter's history, and in that case, the fifth starter's most recent eligible unused outing is automatically called upon to supply a value for that day's match. In the unlikely event no score is available for the fifth starter, then the team's starting pitching score is zero for that match.

The bullpen's score for each match is the score generated by the any reliever who picthes that day. All RPs who make a relief appearance that day will count in a match. If no reliever pitches that day, then the relief score is zero for that match.

Note: a pitcher who is on a Statheads roster as a reliever will only score points when he relieves, not if he starts. Likewise a pitcher listed as a starter will only earn points as a real-life starter. Relief pitchers who make starts will have those starts archived and will be available in the event that the pitcher is subsequently assigned to a starting pitcher slot. Two-way players such as Shohei Ohtani keep their pitching starts in their pitching history even if they were in an batting position when the start was made.

Rest Days
Starting pitchers can only qualify to appear in a fantasy match if they have had a minimum of two (2) calendar days of rest since their last fantasy match appearance. These calendar days must fall between the days the pitcher is scheduled to start.

For example, if Shane Bieber starts in a match on Friday, he may not appear in a fantasy match until after Sunday.

Note that for two-way players this only applies to pitching appearances, they may be used in a batting position on days before being used as a starting pitcher.

If a pitcher appears in a relief role and then is moved into the starting rotation and makes a subsequent starting appearance, this rule still applies. This rule does not apply to starters who make subsequent relief appearances, or to a pitcher who makes two consecutive relief appearances.

Rest Days only apply to fantasy match appearances; a starter's MLB appearance date is not relevant in this rule.